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The Workflow Code is intended to be used by developers.
As useful and simple as possible.
It is the Workflow framework for a fast and readable code.

Related or based on Monads.

Tested by enterprise applications.
Saves a bulk of code in difficult cases.
Simple to maintain if your follow main practices (see examples below).
With all of that, it has unbelievable flexibility.

WorkflowCode is sutable for state-full applications like the WPF, Silverlight, WinForms.
(I have some ideas for an ASP.NET version. But I think it's unreasonable)

Be patient.
Study the examples.
And it will be for you an additional tool to deal with the complexity of the outside world.


Workflow patterns usually get applied in various context, hence the conditions for use shall be explicitly defined and shown in example to prevent from misinterpreting.

MVVM related examples are posted in the project MVVM Workflow

The WorkflowCode's Code Map
WorkflowCode CodeMap

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